the next decade in healthcare will look nothing like the last- oncology is experiencing a tidal wave of therapies and technologies that continues to profoundly change the way cancer is diagnosed, treated, and monitored. the arrival of novel and disruptive technologies, precision medicine and emerging technologies, will drive oncology onward and the decisions taken today will have an impact on the landscape over the next decade. industry, regulators, HTA, pricing agencies, health care professionals, researchers and patient advocates must work together to address these challenges and create solutions to overcome these clinical, regulatory, reimbursement and policy hurdles.

as innovations continue to profoundly change the way cancer care is organized and delivered across canada, and globally our goal is to start thinking about these unique challenges now, proactively, so we are better prepared to respond, embrace and implement further disruptive innovations as they continue to make their way in the cancer ecosystem.

blog posts

it’s that time of year

pre-ASCO highlights 2019 it’s that time of year again. the world of oncology is gathering in chicago this weekend for the american society of clinical oncology’s [ASCO] annual meeting- this year’s meeting, as every year’s meeting, will provide information on new...

biosimilars. past talk to action

biosimilars aren’t coming, they’re here. in 2010 health canada published the HC Guidance document: information and submission requirements for biosimilar biologic drugs. in April 2018, health canada approved the first oncology biosimilar. here we are today, may 2019-...

car-t. hype or hope

a few weeks ago, I attended the canadian agency for drugs and technologies in health [CADTH] symposium in edmonton, AB. the opening plenary discussion was on 'the hope and hype' in healthcare. your perspective on this, of course, depends on how you’re looking at...

the car-t revolution

shifting the conversations. if the arrival of car-t has taught us anything, and it certainly has, it is that perhaps one of the major lessons learned is the need for all stakeholders to work together in ways that have never been done before. because of the disruptive...

managing innovation in oncology [mio]

a rapid new wave of innovations in technologies and therapies in oncology continue to disrupt the landscape, and while these innovations have the potential to transform the way cancer is diagnosed, treated and managed- payors, decision makers, manufacturers and care...