the next decade in healthcare will look nothing like the last- oncology is experiencing a tidal wave of therapies and technologies that continues to profoundly change the way cancer is diagnosed, treated, and monitored. the arrival of novel and disruptive technologies, precision medicine and emerging technologies, will drive oncology onward and the decisions taken today will have an impact on the landscape over the next decade. industry, regulators, HTA, pricing agencies, health care professionals, researchers and patient advocates must work together to address these challenges and create solutions to overcome these clinical, regulatory, reimbursement and policy hurdles.

as innovations continue to profoundly change the way cancer care is organized and delivered across canada, and globally our goal is to start thinking about these unique challenges now, proactively, so we are better prepared to respond, embrace and implement further disruptive innovations as they continue to make their way in the cancer ecosystem.

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world cancer day #iamandiwill

this year marks the 20th celebration of world cancer day - it began with six cancer experts who convened in paris in 1999. with the year 2000 imminent, the group was determined that the global challenge of cancer would not be forgotten in the new century. as we...

the future of healthcare is personalized.

rapid advances of the molecular pathways that underlie cancer combined with an expansion of the tools at our disposal to diagnose and treat based on these specific genomic features has paved the way for precision medicine in cancer and other diseases. and as we...

if not now, when?

do we want an innovative canada or are we ok with a balanced-book kind of canada? if that isn’t the million dollar question these days. the proposed PMPRB regulations are in stark contrast to some of the initiatives in innovation and life sciences that some of the...

car-t. one year later

on september 5.2018 health canada gave a notice of compliance [NOC] for tisagenlecleucel [kymriah]. it was the first chimeric antigen receptor [car] t-cell therapy to receive regulatory approval in canada. but here we are one year later after health canada’s approval...



our ASCO20 EDITION notebook is out - read about practice changing trials and more here*

If you're living with #cancer and feel at a loss for resources, @cancercolab has your back. Check out the list here, which includes our COVID19 Stress Monitor. #COVID19nCancer #COVID19 #coronavirus

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