BRAF represents one of the most frequently mutated protein kinase genes in human tumours. BRAF mutation is seen in melanoma, papillary thyroid carcinoma [including papillary thyroid carcinoma arising from ovarian teratoma], ovarian serous tumours, colorectal carcinoma, gliomas, hepatobiliary carcinomas and hairy cell leukaemia. 

BRAF mutations occur in approximately 8% of human tumours, most frequently in melanoma, colorectal and thyroid cancers (Davies et al. 2002; Gorden et al. 2003)

Melanoma 27-67%

Papillary thyroid 36-69%

Colon cancer 5-17%

Head and neck cancers 3-5%

Pancreatic cancer 4-7%

Glioblastoma 3-6%

Lung Cancer 1-3%

Ovarian cancer 0-27%

Gastric 0-11%

Cholangiocarcinoma 0-22%

Prostate 0-10%

Endometrial 0-21%