precision medicine has the potential to change the way we think about, identify and manage cancer care. the impact on both clinical research and patient care will grow as our understanding and technologies improve and personalised medicine and biomarkers will transform the delivery of cancer care to benefit both patients and cancer care systems.

the european commission defined [2015] personalised medicine as “a model of medicine that uses the molecular profile [phenotypes and genotypes] for tailoring the right therapeutic strategy for the right person at the right time, and | or to determine the predisposition to disease and | or to deliver timely and targeted prevention” working in collaboration, we can greatly improve access to personalised medicines and biomarkers, with a flexible regulatory framework that accelerates access, encouraging policies that invest in and support the use of personalised medicines and biomarkers, and educating on the potential effectiveness and efficiency personalised medicine and biomarkers can make in our health care system.

precision medicine is rapidly having an impact on how drugs are discovered and developed; how patients are diagnosed and treated; and how health care delivery is channeling its resources to maximize patient benefits. personalised medicine is having an important impact in clinical care, the great potential to improve the quality of patient care and to help contain health care costs and it should be directed at individual patients through the practice of medicine rather than through regulatory action.

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treating the patient not the cancer

montréal. november 8. 2019– before personalized medicine [PM], cancer patients with a specific type and stage of cancer all received the same treatment. some patients would respond and others would not. with the introduction of personalized medicine, patients can be treated based on their unique molecular and genetic profile, guiding the treatment pathway and ensuring more successful outcomes. this approach allows clinicians to go beyond the one size fits all model of prescribing, to make effective clinical decisions for each patient. more

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the future of healthcare is personalized.

rapid advances of the molecular pathways that underlie cancer combined with an expansion of the tools at our disposal to diagnose and treat based on these specific genomic features has paved the way for precision medicine in cancer and other diseases. and as we...

car-t. hype or hope

a few weeks ago, I attended the canadian agency for drugs and technologies in health [CADTH] symposium in edmonton, AB. the opening plenary discussion was on 'the hope and hype' in healthcare. your perspective on this, of course, depends on how you’re looking at...

the promise of personalized medicine

personalised medicine is widely considered as the way of the future for medicine, especially in cancer, where we are moving away from the one size fits all, trial and error model towards a more tailored, personalized approach. and this has the potential to change the...



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