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why precision medicine matters

why precision medicine matters

when we talk about mutations, this represents a very small amount of cancer patients - in colorectal cancer for example, mutations in NTRK, MSI-h/dMMR, and BRAF are considered rare [1%, 15%, 9% respectively].  however, this actually represents respectively-...

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the importance of biomarker testing

over the last two weeks we’ve shared lots of information about biomarkers and targeted therapies - but what does it all really mean?  we wanted to show how important molecular profiling/biomarker testing is to guide treatment planning for patients. these graphics are...

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Expect more cancers to be found at advanced stages after diagnoses got delayed by the pandemic | CBC News #canceractionnow

Today is #WorldCancerDay2022 - let's talk about the huge impact #COVID19 has had on cancer patients, survivors,& families. (Ex:Curtailing cancer screenings & reducing access to operating rooms)

Don't miss @StuartJPeacock's lecture on this topic.

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