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sabrina xo

What’s New in Gene Therapy?

this is a guest article and does not necessarily reflect the views and values of the cancer collaborative. the original article was created by Impetus Digital and can be found here. Gene therapy involves the treatment of diseases by introducing genetic material into...

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what are biomarkers

understanding cancer - cancer is a disease that is characterized by abnormal cell process involving uncontrolled cell growth and proliferation that alters normal cell behaviour. the genetic alterations within the cancer cells will be manifested by the release of...

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cancer in canada in 2020

understanding how cancer affects canadians is an important part of understanding how precision medicine will affect canadains. here, we pulled some data from the canadian medical association journal on projected estimates of cancer in canada in 2020. cancer continues...

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If you haven’t already done so - don’t forget to register for @LymphomaCanada Annual Patient Conference taking place 14.10.2021 register here

we work hard in the background to make sure all canadians have accessing not only to CAR-T but all the therapies they need and sometimes we get recognized for the work we do. thank you

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