biosimilar medicines represent a rapidly emerging field that can offer improved accessibility to medicines for patients at reduced expenditure for healthcare systems that are tackling issues of sustainability. with a majority of monoclonal antibodies [mAbs] and novel biologic therapies coming off patent by 2020, the number of biosimilars in development has exploded, creating a new playing field important for all stakeholders. biosimilars uptake in oncology can positively impact the financial burden of healthcare systems with the cost savings being reallocated to improve overall health system outcomes, globally. this presents an opportunity for physicians, patients, and payors to gain the most benefit from increased access to life saving therapies.

public payors are looking to improve efficiency of processes, prioritization of drugs, cost containment of cancer care and increase access to innovative medicines. championing a strong biosimilar market in canada through policies that encourage uptake, ongoing education for key stakeholders along with the concept of gainsharing, in which cost savings from the use of biosimilars are reallocated to improve overall health system outcomes, will be beneficial to all stakeholders.


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