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sabrina xo

if not now, when?

do we want an innovative canada or are we ok with a balanced-book kind of canada? if that isn’t the million dollar question these days. the proposed PMPRB regulations are in stark contrast to some of the initiatives in innovation and life sciences that some of the...

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car-t. one year later

on september 5.2018 health canada gave a notice of compliance [NOC] for tisagenlecleucel [kymriah]. it was the first chimeric antigen receptor [car] t-cell therapy to receive regulatory approval in canada. but here we are one year later after health canada’s approval...

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managing expectations

car t-cell therapy is the next big cancer treatment hitting the canadian cancer treatment landscape— with one recently approved car t-cell therapy and another on the way for use in specific patients with B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia [ALL] and large B-cell...

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how car-t is an opportunity for canada

the arrival of car t-cell therapy is disrupting the canadian healthcare system, but it has also offered an opportunity for canada to position itself as a leader in the delivery of car-t cell therapy - circa 6 months ago. the delays in actually providing access to...

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