biosimilar medicines represent a rapidly emerging field that can offer improved accessibility to medicines for patients at reduced expenditure for healthcare systems that are tackling issues of sustainability. with a majority of monoclonal antibodies [moAbs] and novel biologic therapies coming off patent by 2020, the number of biosimilars in development has exploded, creating a new playing field important for all stakeholders. biosimilars uptake in oncology can positively impact the financial burden of healthcare systems with the cost savings being reallocated to improve overall health system outcomes, globally. this presents an opportunity for physicians, patients, and payors to gain the most benefit from increased access to life saving therapies.

public payors are looking to improve efficiency of processes, prioritization of drugs, cost containment of cancer care and increase access to innovative medicines. championing a strong biosimilar market in Canada through policies that encourage uptake, ongoing education for key stakeholders along with the concept of gainsharing, in which cost savings from the use of biosimilars are reallocated to improve overall health system outcomes, will be beneficial to all stakeholders.

colab webinar series : biosimilars. the european experience

europe has lead the way in the uptake of biosimilars in the oncology landscape, what learnings and best practices can we learn from their experience as we begin to introduce biosimilars into the canadian context. a discussion that will focus on the practical application of biosimilars in oncology from the european perspective, what worked, what learnings were had and what could this look like in canada.

payor perspective
June 19, 2019 11:00 am in eastern time (US and Canada)
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policy perspective
june 2019. details for registration coming shortly

health care provider perspective
july 2019. details for registration coming shortly

CADTH program updates on biosimilars

biosimilars will no longer be reviewed through the CADTH CDR and pCODR processes.
as of june 1, 2019, CADTH will be stopping work on any biosimilar reviews that would have been completed after june 1, 2019.
update : cadth pharmaceutical review- issue 8

breast cancer & biosimilars from the canadian breast cancer network

recommendations on use, implementation and patient communications
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pan-canadian oncology biosimilars initiative

an initiative that is part of the pan-canadian pharmaceutical alliance’s biosimilars strategy.

this biosimilars initiative aims to ensure that the implementation and use of therapeutic oncology biosimilars are appropriate and cost-effective across canada and is jointly supported by the pan-canadian pharmaceutical alliance and managed by cancer care ontario on behalf of all provincial cancer agencies.
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map for implementing oncology biosimilars across canada.
biosimilars action report

the cancer collaborative biosimilars initiative is supported with funding by the following organization