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how we’re different  the cancer collaborative is a hub for the cancer community. created to foster an environment of collaboration amongst science, policy and advocacy in order to make a meaningful contribution to cancer care.  our goal is to co-create and collaborate with stakeholders to proactively identify the challenges and opportunities, prioritize them and work together to make action-oriented changes on how cancer care is delivered in canada and beyond. better outcomes for cancer patients in canada can only be achieved when we let go of old ideologies- embracing innovation, encouraging collaboration, creating collective purpose and fundamentally changing. bold ideas and fuelling dialogues that adapt and adopt to shifting paradigms.

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car-t cell therapy


accelerating adoption through collaboration

car-t cell therapy has entered clinical practice.  such a paradigm-shifting and novel cancer therapy that relies on viral production, genetic- modification, cell expansion, quality control/quality analysis, as well as clinical application and toxicity management poses significant challenges to regulatory and reimbursement approval.  .

continuing the conversation to overcome roadblocks to expand access

biosimilar medicines represent a rapidly emerging field that can offer improved accessibility to medicines for patients at reduced expenditure for healthcare systems that are tackling issues of sustainability. the next two years will be important for biosimilars uptake and impact.  biosimilars uptake in oncology can positively impact the financial burden of healthcare systems with the cost savings being reallocated to improve overall health system outcomes, globally.

immuno-oncology [IO] therapies continue to create breakthroughs however real world challenges and significant shifts in value across healthcare systems create barriers to access for patients.



europe has lead the way in the uptake of biosimilars in the oncology landscape, what learnings and best practices can we learn from their experience as we begin to introduce biosimilars into the canadian context. a discussion that will focus on the practical application of biosimilars in oncology from the european perspective, what worked, what learnings were had and what could this look like in canada. .


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cancer injustice is not a science problem, a technology problem, or a genetics problem. it’s a policy problem | colab

Our webinar on biosimilars. the european experience is now archived and ready to be viewed if you didn’t have a chance to login live yesterday- great discussion!

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